Sign Up Statement

OptFunds notifications include certain data related to OptFunds Demo stocks/options/ETF's or stocks/options/ETF's requested by OptFunds users.  User requested notifications will only be seen by the user who has submitted a stock, option or ETF to OptFunds (See FAQ's) to be applied against OptFunds proprietary algorithms.

Data is informational only and is intended for use as another layer of due dilligence to apply to a user's day trading decisioning.  OptFunds data should never be used as the sole data point to guide any trades.

OptFunds Demo Notifications are typically aligned to high volume stocks, options or ETF's.  Demo Notifications may be  same day expiry options (ODTE).

These options can expire worthless by the end of the same day that you receive the
alert —- meaning —- if you buy and don't sell the same day you may lose all the money in your trade. Please click on the above ODTE link to learn more about these options .

After 3PM EST. we turn off our alerts system 59 minutes prior to market close. So don’t expect notifications after that. One last thing — to reiterate — OptFund notifications are meant to power your trading RESEARCH. OPTFUNDS NOTFICATIONS ARE NOT A RECOMMENDATION TO PURCHASE OR TRADE. TRADE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

I have read the Sign Up Statement and agree that OptFunds notifications includes data that users can opt to add to their overall research strategies.  Data is informational only and is not a suggestion to buy or sell nor should it ever be the only data you use to make a decision to buy or sell. Signing up with OptFunds also means your are agreeing to receive SMS notification messages as described in this website.

You may opt out of messages at any time by simply texting STOP.  In addition, you can also send an email and include your mobile number that’s receiving the messages to [email protected].