Let’s Get To It!

You sign up for OptFunds, so we can send you OptFunds live stock and options data every day!

You can add Optfunds data to your existing day trading strategy to help make more informed trading decisions.

That’s it!


Market Leading Approach To Power Same Day Gain Opportunities!

Instantly receive free stock/option data to power your trades! Once the market is open it won’t take long to see your first text!

Notifications are powerful, easy to read texts sent right to your phone! 

OptFunds data present specific stock or option data at specific times during the trading day where our algos have determined opportune times to use this data to power your same-day-gains research.  OptFunds IS NOT a stock picking service nor do we promote stocks.  We simply submit algorithm generated market data at specific times where you can immediately use that data as part of your day trading strategy.

Texts contain specific market data and live tracking of algorithm driven results related to OptFund Demo stocks or options or from an option(s) or stock(s) that you choose.  OptFunds algos choose the time and type of data you see. 

What’s an alert look like?

It is super simple! Take a look at the OptFunds  text alert!


The key to OptFunds data is centered in the timing of delivery.  It's this timing which helps to power your same-day-gains opportunities.


Our initital Demo Alert is the SPY ETF (see https://tinyurl.com/Optfunds). More coming soon!



Using OptFunds

While there are no guarantees, and of course, some texts may not provide information which enhance your research/gains opportunities, as no set of data from any algorithm is 100% successful, we are confident you will see success rates higher than what you’ve experienced.  Many of our daily notifications will help power your same-day-gain potential well into double and triple percent gain opportunities!

Live and end of the day reporting will allow you to easily see how Optfunds can help power your same-day-gains opportunities.

Lastly, remember that being able to see the power of OptFunds is free!  No credit card needed or payment information required.  Just your email and mobile number!

It’s that simple!

What’s The Catch? There is none!

We are a new, technology forward, algorithm-based service enabling you to receive information to power your same-day-trade-gain potential.



Even our approach to providing our services are market leading!

We are so confident in our product that we offer it free! You only pay if you feel it provided you adequate value.

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Let's Get Transparent

Once you sign up, we will track every OptFunds notification.

At the end of every trading day, you will receive your OptFunds report in your inbox and via text. The report will clearly detail the results of all the OptFunds notifications for that day.

In the report, we provide important results such as individual notification gain/loss data, notification time, overall average gains/loss, # and % of notifications which achieved a minimum 10% or higher gain success etc..

You can use this data to track and verify how OptFunds can power your same-day-gain opportunities!

Can This Be Any Simpler?
(Spoiler alert...NO!)

NO commitment whatsoever!

Transparent, daily reporting.

You simply receive the texts -and then- at the end of the month, you can choose to pay for the service you received or not!

Remember to sign up for OptFunds you give your email and mobile number.  No credit card or ANY payment information at all!

Should you not want to pay, the only consequence is that you will not receive any more OptFunds alerts.—That’s it!

If you would like another month of our service then simply pay $100 for the alerts you received.

Pay through Venmo, PayPal or Stripe (Debit/Credit Card). OptFunds uses third parties to process payments.  We do not store or see your payment data.  It’s more secure for you and us!!

Remember –you are NOT AT ALL obligated to pay for OptFunds!

If you don’t pay we will simply part as friends and hope you profited from the data you already received!


If one day you feel like resuming our service , contact us and simply pay the $100 for the last month's service you received and you will receive another month of free alerts!

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